Verwendung von Cookies





ssr-caching            WIX - Indicates how a site was rendered.        1 minute          Other

hs.                          The cookie is set by Wix website building                                Necessary

                               platform on Wix website. The cookie is

                               used for security purposes.

svSession              This cookie is placed by Wix website                2 years           Analytics

                              building platform on the Wix websites.

                              The cookie is a persistent cookie and

                              identifies unique visitors and tracks

                              visitors session on the website.

XSRF-TOKEN        The cookie is set by Wix website building                                Necessary

                              platform on Wix website. The cookie is

                              used for security purposes.

TS28c31174027   null                                                                                             Other

AWSELB              This cookie is associated with Amazon Web      1 hour             Necessary

                            Services and is used for managing sticky     

                            sessions across production servers.

AWSELBCORS    null                                                                       1 hour             Other

JSESSIONID       Used by sites written in JSP. General                                          Necessary

                            purpose platform session cookies that

                            are used to maintain users' state across

                            page requests.


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